World Class Fishing Awaits

Magdalena Bay (aka Mag Bay)…

is remote and mostly unknown even to baja travelers primarily because there has never been an easy and well understood route. Plus the accommodations have been minimal. We are here to show you how easy it is now and answer some frequent questions. The fact that Mag Bay still remains a hidden secret is fine with us, we love the small town and absolutely amazing fishery that is offered to us with very little fishing pressure.

We have taken the liberty to compile and answer some questions that are common, but if you have any additional questions not found here please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will answer any questions you might have about our premier sport fishing Lodge here in Mag Bay.

  • How Many Rooms Are There?

    The Lodge itself has a total of 6 Rooms. The House on the property with the pool and hot tub has an additional 4 rooms.
  • Does the Lodge have Wifi?

    Do Marlin School up by the hundreds on the bank in November? Yes we have wifi and it works pretty darn well.
  • Is their a Laundry Facility?

    Our wonderful staff can wash your clothes if you like. Just leave them there and we will get them washed, tips always appreciated.
  • Is alcohol included?

    We do not include alcohol. But we generally have onsite for purchase or you can walk to the store and pick some up as well. That being said, do not put it by your host to crack open a nice bottle of Tequila for you all from time to time.
  • What should we bring?

    People think of South Baja as scorching hot. This is not true. We have a mild climate here in Mag Bay on the Pacific side. In the winter months in can be quite cool, so if coming during these months bring pants and sweaters or a jacket even for the boat. In the spring light coats or sweaters are recommended, and in the summer through fall just shorts and tee shirts usually get you by. Always bring sunglasses, sunblock, passport, and prepare for fun.
  • Can we drink the water?

    We have a robust filtration system at the lodge, but we always serve bottled water, it is just a safer bet in Mexico.
  • Is it safe in San Carlos?

    It is very safe. The biggest danger is having too much fun and acquiring an injury in fishing, 4 wheeling, swimming, etc.