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MagBay Lures - The Best Wahoo Lures Ever Made
MagBay Lures
Possibly the best Wahoo Lures Ever Made

MagBay Lures is a premier USA Manufacture of High Quality and Innovative Big Game fishing products.

Seeker Rods
High Quality USA Made Custom Rods

The Seeker Fishing Rod Company is a “Made in America” brand where 100% of all Seeker composite blanks are built in-house. Each rod is taken from flat raw material and through a series of processes is turned into a fishing rod blank of ultra-high quality. Each Seeker finished rod is assembled by specially trained assembly technicians.

Best Sun Protection for the Outdoor Enthusiast

We make products that reflect who you are and work with the lifestyle you live. Inspired by Motocross, Offroad and BMX, and roots deep in Surfing. Surface Sun Systems was created with one mission, to provide high quality sun-care products to the athletes and fans of action sports.


Taso 7 is a highly sought after lure manufacturer located in Baja California.

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