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Wahoo Fishing at Mag Bay Lodge
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The Lodge at Mag Bay

An All Inclusive World Class Fishing Lodge in Magdalena Bay, BCS Mexico

Magdalena Bay Fishing – The Sport Fishing Lodge at Mag Bay


he history of this Lodge as a core spot for Magdalena Bay fishing is deep rooted in the recent history of the town of San Carlos.  We all know that fishing in Mag Bay is world class.  We know the longe range San Diego boats make it a destination for the 8+ day trips, they often make bait right outside of San Carlos on Isla Magdalena as well.  But there really is no spot in the area for a base for a sport fishing operation.


his Lodge was built nearly 30 years ago by some well respected Americans with a vision for fishing in Mag Bay that was far ahead of the time.  This group of men and woman did not build the Lodge for a business, but rather for their friends, family, etc and they kept the Lodge low profile for many years.  The fishing they have done over the past 30 years is enough to amaze any fishermen with days on the water around hidden tuna pens that are unimaginable fishing.  Casting anything you want all day long and hooking wahoo, giant tuna, dorado, marlin one after another on every cast.    You know fishing is good when it has come to strictly catch and release on wahoo and even tuna.  Its not an easy task to release a 60 lbs wahoo from a popper on a spinning rod.


ith time some of the founders have unfortunately passed and the remaining owners decided to pass it on to us.  Our vision is to share this Mag Bay fishing experience with the world.  Or, at least those lucky enough to find us and have the opportunity to enjoy Magdalena Bay fishing and all the beauty it has to offer.  We offer all inclusive trips so you have nothing to worry about except enjoying your vacation.  The lodge is well maintained, has access to the swimming pool, hot tub,  huge garage, workshop, tackle room, outside dining area, and more.


e invite you to reach out and give us a call or checkout more on the website.  If you have always wanted to fishing in Mag Bay, there is no better option.  Fish with us at the Lodge at Mag Bay.

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5 Nights 3 Days Fishing
  • ALL INCLUSIVE - Price Based on 6 People
  • World Class Sport Fishing
  • Exquisite Meals Prepared at the Lodge
  • Transportation to and from Airport
$2150 / Person Based on 6 Anglers

3 Days Fishing Cape Horn 28′ 5 Nights Lodge

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  • The Best Food in Magdalena Bay
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3 Days Mangrove Fishing 5 Nights Lodge

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$1,500 / Person Based on 3 Anglers
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Sport Fishing Lodge in Mag Bay

Fishing Out of Mag Bay

The ridges, peaks, banks, and underwater structure outside of Magdalena Bay offer some of the richest fishing grounds in the world. Check out our videos just to see a trip or two when the cameras were rolling. These videos do not represent "great fishing trips" but rather just the everyday sport fishing here in Mag Bay.

A Serious Team of Avid Sport Fishermen

Tuna Fishing Mag Bay

The Lodge at Mag Bay offers a truly extraordinary experience. We have extreme fishing for Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, Dorado and more coupled with an amazing atmosphere in a relaxing lodge environment.