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Barry and Michelle

Hi Toby,

I wanted to take the time to give you some really good feedback on our trip with your team this year!  Everything worked out really well, and I wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciated it.

The ProKat seemed to be in good working order along with all the fishing gear.  Fishing turned out to be as good as in past years—which was good enough to make it another Epic fishing adventure.  We were a bit worried the first day due to not finding any marlin, and the weather was getting windy.

  But There was a report that some fish were up north—so the Captain tried that out and we got into some marlin.     We couldn’t go out for a couple of days due to wind, and your crew allowed us to hang out and fish on Wednesday.  That was our best day so we were really glad that worked out.  Got into dorado and marlin, and had a lot of action.  So that’s for the flexibility.

Also Edna is an awesome cook.   We let here know, but also want to make sure you know she is just super.  Kitchen was well stocked and clean and Edna was totally on the meals like in an excellent and professional way.

Also great to have the rooms and floor cleaned an mopped everyday and disinfected.  Especially with the COVID thing going on.

The new van at the airport pick up was good, and the signs so we could find the driver helped keep us from stressing out at the end of a long flight.

Fish packing and identification was better than the last year—so very good!

Overall we had a great trip, and I’m sure would like to come back sometime soon.  We have to see about next year.  It may depend on a vaccine and all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now making travel more difficult.  I am going to see how things look around January to decide if we can pull a crew together of if it may have to wait another year.  I also have the same decision about my annual Alaska trip in June—just don’t know yet.

Anyway,  I wanted to provide some positive feedback and thank you for taking good care of us.


Barry, Bruce, Dom.


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