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Marlin in MagBay

mid Oct Trip to MagBay

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For this report we got an email from a client. We figured it was long enough to just use as a quick middle Oct report.  At the time of writing this, the fishing has gone nuts, and that will come out on the next report.  There are now Wahoo, Dorado, Marlin and even Sailfish everywhere outside the mouth with all the amazing action south of San Carlos.  But that will come out in the next report we post.  Below just a quick blurb  on a recent trip from a clients perspective. “Thanks for all your help in arranging our recent trip.  Although the weather didn’t cooperate for three days of the trip (hurricane Sergio remnants), we did manage to get out to the ridge (actually we just went outside no to the ridge) on our final day which was our goal for the other days as well. The tuna and...
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Early Oct 2018 Mag Bay Fishing Report

When you hear the word storm what comes to mind? Do you prepare for the worst and cancel any plans you’ve made to fish? No! Not in this case these guys came from Northern CA and were not turning back. It was a bummer that we were only only able to sneak out of the bay for one day and a short period of time in search of wahoo, marlin, and dorado. But we made the best of it and first day out headed west on a temp break we had been keeping our eye on for some pelagic fish. It seems that the fish are following the same pattern and are closer to the mouth along with the blue water.  In one day we found 4 nice marlin that wanted to see what our lures looked like hanging off their bills. The guys had there fun and seen enough marlin jumping for one day so we went closer to the mouth to see...
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Guy on Marlin in Mag Bay

Oct 1 2018 Magdalena Bay Fishing

Spent the last few days looking for fish.  Everything there before had moved away for a bit due to a temp drop and color change in water. The banks gave up a few wahoo the first two days then went on vacation.  We worked hard to find the fish and ended up back at the southern banks where the marlin wouldn’t leave us alone. In the midst of it all we hooked up to two beautiful sailfish which made our day even more spectacular. The group of guys we had made it a fun trip which makes for a damn good trip.  The smiles say it all and these guys left content.  At Mag Bay Lodge fishing and fun is what we aim for. The pics say it all!    
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Wahoo Fishing in Mag Bay

Wahoo Fishing Kicking In September 18, 2018

Every day has been another second, minute or hour of learning.  Anyone could know where to find fish if they are on the surface but in the case when they aren’t feeding on surface what does one do.  We are back to the days of good ol’ fashioned scouting.  Miles upon miles are traveled looking for birds, bait or any chance of fish being in the area.  After all we are fishing not catching right? We’ve been alternating from north to south the last couple of weeks and have been fortunate to find fish in the same area.  A offshore storm caused a disturbance this last trip we had and turned the water from blue to green.  We had a friend come down and wanted to fish the weather looked great and we were all loaded to go so first day we headed south where we stumbled across at least 100 hungry...
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