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Magdalena Bay Fishing Trip July 2018

July 20th 2018 Mag Bay Fish Report

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A group from Santa Rosa came down for 2 days fishing with 3 Anglers.  They fished one day in close by the islands and then toughed it out the next day to head through some winds to arrive well offshore to a special spot. This first trip out with 3 anglers we encountered some green water and decided it would be better to fish the island and rocks for other species. We did have some luck with some decent grouper and a handful of other nice fish.  The next day we headed further out offshore. This day was rough to start with annoying winds which made for a long tough ride out to the fishing spot where we expected blue water.  When we arrived we did not immediately find fish but found some decent yellowfin dropping some irons.  It was a little slow at first, but with the help of a single...
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