World Class Fishing Awaits
Wahoo Fishing in Mag Bay

Wahoo Fishing Kicking In September 18, 2018

Every day has been another second, minute or hour of learning.  Anyone could know where to find fish if they are on the surface but in the case when they aren’t feeding on surface what does one do.  We are back to the days of good ol’ fashioned scouting.  Miles upon miles are traveled looking for birds, bait or any chance of fish being in the area.  After all we are fishing not catching right? We’ve been alternating from north to south the last couple of weeks and have been fortunate to find fish in the same area.  A offshore storm caused a disturbance this last trip we had and turned the water from blue to green.  We had a friend come down and wanted to fish the weather looked great and we were all loaded to go so first day we headed south where we stumbled across at least 100 hungry...
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Spearfishing in Magdalena Bay

September 10th 2018 Mag Bay Fishing Report

We have had several trips out since the last report, including some divers and several parties of sport fishermen and woman. This report seems to focus on Marlin, Yellowtail, Tuna and grouper over Wahoo, which for this time of the year in Magdalena Bay is quite unusual. Having some world class divers 4 days out morning until evening on our boat is often a blessing. These guys dive 100+ feet and are like a super high tech fish finder. The Spear Fishing divers found many big grouper out at the thetis and they took 2 in the 50 lbs range but saw some in the 100-200 lbs range. They took several nice tuna, some yellowtail, a sailfish, and a marlin each. Not until th last day did they see a couple wahoo running around out there. One of the marlin they took on a pole spear, were convinced...
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Wahoo at the MagBay Lodge

August 17, 2018 Mag Bay Fish Report

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This month we have seen what seems to be a start of an amazing fishing season here in Magdalena Bay.  The waters have warmed, turned blue all the way into the mouth of the bay and the fish are out and about. Mike Tribe’s trip with Anglers out between the 9th and the 16th both inshore and off saw a ton of action, though had some bad luck as well.  The good news is there are tons of Marlin moving in and striking trolled lures, the bad news is they dont seem to want anything to do with a mackerel thrown right in front of their nose if they are fin cruising. It is a little strange seeing 30 marlin and none of them wanting to eat, but that is how it goes.  We did have 5 marlin strikes and 2 on but as luck would have it 3 were short bites and the two never made it to the boat. The...
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Magdalena Bay Fishing Trip July 2018

July 20th 2018 Mag Bay Fish Report

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A group from Santa Rosa came down for 2 days fishing with 3 Anglers.  They fished one day in close by the islands and then toughed it out the next day to head through some winds to arrive well offshore to a special spot. This first trip out with 3 anglers we encountered some green water and decided it would be better to fish the island and rocks for other species. We did have some luck with some decent grouper and a handful of other nice fish.  The next day we headed further out offshore. This day was rough to start with annoying winds which made for a long tough ride out to the fishing spot where we expected blue water.  When we arrived we did not immediately find fish but found some decent yellowfin dropping some irons.  It was a little slow at first, but with the help of a single...
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