World Class Fishing Awaits
Inshore snook fishing magdalena bay
Duration: 5 Nights 4 Days Fishing
Location: San Carlos, Magdalena Bay BCS Mexico
Price: $2,750 / Person Based on 5 People

Kayak Fishing Magdalena Bay Trips for 2020!

The Scoop

Ever dreamed of hooking something big on your kayak? Now it is not only a possibility it is nearly a 100% success rate during our season.


Here is how the trip works for a party of 5:

1) We load the state of the art kayaks and equipment into a Panga.
2) We load the customers into our Cape Horn
3) We load the kayaks and boat with bait
4) The Panga brings the kayaks out to the location so they are ready when we arrive in the boat.
5) Clients board the kayaks at the fishing grounds with full bait tank
6) Fish the grounds for 5 to 6 hours and return home.
7) 3 days offshore one day inshore

The grounds we fish at are completely loaded with Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna and Marlin. Slow trolling baits, jigging, casting, etc is sure to have you hooked on fish for most of the day and hopefully fortunate enough to even land a few. This is big game kayak fishing to the core. The is only a small handful of places in the world where such a trip would be possible.

Fishing the Lodge at Mag Bay was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  The fishing was absolutely phenomenal, but the entire experience was just fun and adventurous.  The food was great, the staff friendly and fun, and an all around great time!  - Michael Allen 

5 Nights at the Lodge 4 days Fishing 6 days of Awesomeness:   This trip is for the serious kayak angler. We are targeting big game species such as marlin, tuna, dorado, and even wahoo.
Big grouper and yellowtail also can be thrown in the mix. If it is your first time kayak fishing you might want to do some inshore first to prepare. But either way it is one awesome adventure. Our big game pelagic season runs July-Dec so if you come during these months we will put you on some fish.
If you want to do the same style trip, but in the off season, we can get big grouper, white seabass and yellowtail year round. This trip is less expensive as the run is not as far. Ask us for details.

Key Trip Features

  • All Inclusive for 5 Anglers
  • 3 Full Days Offshore Kayak Fishing 1 day inshore
  • Ride to and From Airport
  • Bait and Tackle Included
  • Fish Freezing and Processing
  • Includes all meals and Lodging


Inshore Fishing The Mangroves of MagBay

Catch an extensive list of species kayak fishing the mostly untouched Mangroves of Magdalena Bay Mexico.

One amazing thing about kayak fishing the Mangroves is the ability to go where boats cannot. With over 170 miles of coastline mangroves, it will be many years before we have put lines in along the entire area. Each month we find new spots to wet the lines and reel in the fish. The peace and tranquility found in cruising the mangroves with a rapala or bait behind is almost inexplicable.

Day 1 (Arrival to Airport)

Flight Arrives around 2pM – 4PM. We pick you up at the airport and head across the baja penisula to Mag Bay in preparation for an epic fishing adventure .  When we arrive we eat a meal at the Lodge, have a few drinks, unwind, etc and prepare for fishing at the break of light.

Day 2 (Fishing)

Wakeup at 5 AM. Enjoy a quick breakfast that we prepare for you.  Hop in the van and head over to the Striper.  Depart about 6 AM. Arrive to grounds around 7:30 AM.  Boat returns on average around 4 PM.   Back up to the Lodge and enjoy a nice dinner around 6 PM.  Relax, check out the town, watch a movie, use the computers, etc but prepare for another days of big game kayak fishing.

Day 3 (Fishing)

Repeat Day 2. Sometimes on this day we might do another style of fishing depending on time of year, client preference, previous day, etc.  Some kayak clients like to seek out the giant grouper, pargo, white sea bass, and yellowtail that tend to live here year round.  Other times we just pursue more Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, and Dorado.

Day 4 (Fishing)

Repeat Day 2. Again, depending on time of year, previous days, and client preference we will fish the most appropriate method and location.

Day 5 (Fishing)

Fish the Mangroves! Again, depending on time of year, previous days, and client preference we will fish the most appropriate method and location.

Day 6 (Return Home)

Wake up by 7 AM. This is your last day.  We make you a nice breakfast about 7:30 AM and pack the gear into the van.  We depart at 8:30 AM to return to Loreto Airport.

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