World Class Fishing Awaits
Duration: 4 Hours
Location: Bahia Magdalena
Price: $75.00/person - 3 Min, 7 Max

Watching the whales inside of Magdalena Bay is perhaps one of the most majestic things I have experienced in my lifetime.  It sounds odd, but unless you have done it, it is hard to understand.  Seeing whales in the ocean is one thing, but creating a personal relationship with these giant creatures inside the bay is entirely different.  Its like watching a movie vs actually doing what the movie is doing.

Whale Watching in Magdalena Bay  is Awe Inspiring.  Let us help you have the greatest experience possible.  Our whale Watching Tours run Jan-March and fill up very fast.

We take 7 people maximum to visit the whales for a half day adventure.  The entire package is $95/person for up to 7 people and includes a snack of fruit before we leave during our instructional talk, and then we return after seeing the whales to enjoy a nice lunch at the lodge.

We also offer all inclusive lodge and whale watching combo packages.  Please contact us for details.  There is  nothing better than relaxing in Mag Bay for a day or two during whale watching season.  So many tourists rush in and rush out like a Disneyland tour but we highly recommend spending a little time in this quaint town of San Carlos often referred to as called Magdalena Bay.

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