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MagBay Lodge Covid 19 / Sport Fishing Update

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We wanted to write this as a new report and an update on what is going on down in Baja CA Sur as far as Covid 19 and Big Game fishing. Lets start with the fishing.
As of today, the yellowfin tuna have shown up with water temps of 78 degrees. This is above average for this time of year but is a great sign for a good season. We expect the Wahoo to show in large numbers very soon. Because of the shutdowns everywhere, inshore fishing has been off the charts as the loacl commercial guys have not been able to do their thing as normal both from lower buyer demand as well as local shutdowns. We believe there are Wahoo out on the Ridge even now, but no one has gone after them as of yet. We are already seeing some marlin and dorado as well.

White seabass was a big hit late spring and were in much closer than normal with some caught in the 60-70 lbs class range by local anglers.

We are now open and ready for business with the big kick off the end of July. Lets all hope this virus slows its roll and we can get back to fishing as normal.

Now for some new protocols in place from Covid 19.

We are pen for business, but there has been some changes. Our captains have taken a course to become certified in sanitary measures put out by the governemnt. We have to run our boats at limited capacity to allow for social distancing (fortunately we do that anyway as it is better for sport fishing). We have taken additional sanitation measures both at the Lodge and on the boats required by the government to help stop any spread of the Virus.

Please click the link below to view the new protocol put out by the government of Baja CA Sur.

20200617 – Capacitacion Protocolo

Beyond that – if you are fortunate enough to fish with us this season, we are expecting some great wahoo fishing, marlin fishing, tuna fishing, and more! Everything from roosterfish to big grouper seem to be hanging around with much less pressure than there has ever been before.

Please reach out to us with any questions regarding Covid 19 or fishing and we will be happy to assist.

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